Thursday, April 4, 2013


It was a 4 hour drive to this park south of Sacramento. We took hwy 99 which in hindsight was not a good plan. The road is in bad shape and tons of trucks. The GPS said you have arrived but we were nearing the end of a narrow road and no TT. We could not turn around so it was a relief when the road ended at the park. We were only able to book for one night on line . The park is so pretty and we have a nice site. We asked to stay another night and there was no problem.
Then we heard rain was expected and we asked to stay another night. Good decision, man is it raining so hard and it has been raining hard all night. Felt like home.
Yesterday was such a pleasant day. We sat under the shade with a nice warm breeze felt like a perfect summer day at home.

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