Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The drive to Bakersfield was an easy day. We lest camp at 8 and arrived at the orangegrove camp ground at 11. It's an really nice park. The photo does not do it justice. The park was almost empty when we arrived. They gave us a bag of oranges when we checked in. We did some shopping and went to place by the park that ships oranges anywhere. We did some taste testing and I bought 3 little bottles of different flavoured olive oils and a lemon. She charged me for the olive oil but gave me the lemon. Then when I left she said wait and opened a fresh box of large oranges and gave me 6. I don't know why lol. They are really good.

When we got back to the park it was filling up and by happy hour the line to get in filled three lanes and they were lined up on the street. Eventually everyone got registered but the park was full and so was the overflow. I spotted Fred and Marilyn in the line up. We had met them first in Palm Springs and then in Vegas. They ended up in overflow they said they had never needed a reservation before.

We had happy hour with a couple from chiliwhack. Out of the blue the guy says did you work for hatchi (noticing marvs hat). Marv said yes, the guy said I met a guy that worked at wajax. Marv said so did I. Turns out this couple had met marvs friend Ron and Peggy in a buffet lineup in Vegas. Small world we had dinner with them when we had gone up to see kennie and bonnie.

The park has a beautiful family centre and free donuts in the morning. In the line beind marv was a fellow who I have seen on tv. He plays a roll of a lawyer just don't know the name of the show.

We are off to Turtle beach thousand trails park.

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