Saturday, April 13, 2013


We went to Pelicans for breakfast. We always eat there when we stay in Pacific City. Photo is view from our table. Then we delve the scenic route to Tillimook . We went to Fred Myers and I got a set of pots for home.They were almost have price plus no tax in Oregon. We went to a small store to get fresh crab but it was 3 bucks a pound higher than in Lincoln city. So we decided to head to Oceanside and see if we could get it cheaper there well after a bunch of driving we gave up and headed home only to some how end up back in Tillimook. So we went back to the crab guy there and bought it.

We built a fire and sat around for a bit. The next door camper stopped by with some wood he didn't need so we visited with him for abit. Then the weather turned nasty so inside we went. Big rain storm last night. Suppose to rain all day and we are heading north but it looks like it may be clearing.

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