Sunday, April 14, 2013


Well,we made it into Washington.. The weather was predicted to be nasty and I guess it was in parts of Washington but we had a mix of sun and cloud and a few heavy rain showers. The showers were hard but over quickly.

We went to Pelicans again for breakfast and shared eggs Benny again. It's made with salmon and spinach.

Our gps got us lost but fortunately a couple stopped and helped us guided us to the correct road but there was a fire on the road so we had to turn around and find another way in. It was one of those times we were glad our rig is not as big as so many we see.

We walked to the beach but it was cold and windy . We have to dig out our winter clothes.
Woke up to sunshine . We are leaving this morning but don't know where we are going it will depend on the weather report which I have not heard yet.

The bridge over the Columbia river is huge and intimidating particularly when it's all covered for repairs.

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