Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Another night and another site. We were driving out of the park and someone was leaving a water front site, marv said do you want to move , if so we can back right into it, I said, no we have a nice spot and we have had a lot of nice spots let someone else have a chance, so we drove on then Marvin so wanted the site so while I went to get a tablecloth to save it he went to drive to the site, someone already had chairs there. We met them and they were excited to get the spot for the first time ever. I was happy for them. They invited us over later in the day. So we did our shopping and went over. Marv tells the story of how we almost backed in and took the site. Kim said oh no that was you. They had known the people were leaving so had taken their chairs and were sitting near by to make the move and Marvin almost out manoeuvred them and would have it I had not said no. She had seen the truck stop and was so disappointed that we were going to take it.While we were there the lady in the next site came over and said they were leavings did we want their spot. So it all turned out perfect. The way it was meant to be. We enjoyed our afternoon in their sunshine then came to ours which Still had fire going from the other people and enjoyed the evening, our little BBQ broke so Marvin cooked over the open flame I love the steak cooked that way.

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