Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It was spitting when we woke up so we took our time and didn't leave until 9:30. It was a wet drive at times but we pulled into Pacific city in the sunshine and found the site we like to get.

Here is the crazy part of the day. We had another rv following behind us to the park and I said dont let him pass us and get our favourite site. So we pulled into register and they were right behind us. We couldn't be live it. It was Ray and Ann. We had camped beside them in Palm Springs and said good bye there only to meet Ray walking his dog in Las Vegas. We spent time with them and a few days later said goodbye. Five weeks later we are both doing our own thing and had no contact until arriving at the same time in the park. It's a big park and if we did not run into them at the gate we probably would never have crossed paths. How strange is that.

So we had a camp fire and roasted hotdogs back to real camping not this fancy rv stuff anymore

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