Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It was really windy around San Francisco lots of power outages and rv and campers told to stay off the bridges fortunately we were north of it. The wind we had blew the rain clouds away and it was a beautiful day. We drove 3 hours through the redwoods, it was great to see the ocean again. The snow levels are very low around 2000 feet, the highest we were today was 1400 feet which is nothing compared to some of the passes we went through at other times.

We have a great site right by the beach. Price 30 bucks. We walked to the tourist Center and found a coupon for a casino. We went there and they gave me 20 bucks to play slots with. I lost the first 5 bucks almost instantly but came home with 23 bucks. Matv is now calling casinos, Linda's ATM lol.

Waiting to find out what weather is going to do as to whether we stay another day or keep heading north.

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