Saturday, March 16, 2013


We left home 6weeks ago today.
That's hard to believe. I have not once wished our 5th wheel was bigger and often thought how happy I am that we have a small rig. Well. Ok maybe once I wished we were bigger when we were in Art and Elaine's beautiful coach. Lol

We got the insurance sorted out we used Arts magic jack phone. Marv wants to get one of those phones , I don't care I hardly use the phone, but it came in handy for the insurance issue.

I was going to say it was a quiet day but I thought about it and recalled how noisy it was in the pool. Must be spring break our quiet almost personal pool became like a play pen for little kids. I am not sure what was worse the kids jumping and splashing or the parents/grandparents trying to enforce the park rules. In the end I gave up and came back to our site to read. Which is not such a hardship. It was 88 yesterday, 16degrees above the normal temperature.

Art and Elaine are leaving their rig down here in storage on Wednesday so have a freezer full of food to eat. We are reaping the benefits of that. They brought over red trout last night and Marvin cooked it. It looks like salmon but not as fishing tasting,it's Like salmon when you cook it the same day as it was caught. I am not much of a fish eater but I really enjoyed it last night.

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Donna said...

Who's the dark haired woman on the left? :)